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Supaloc Solid Insulation

A well insulated home is a comfortable home.


Revolutionary insulation technology.

Thermaloc Wall Diagram

Get the ultimate in home comfort with this outstanding insulation system.

The system is engineered using a patented manufacturing process, which guarantees the quality of our framing and insulation system. Building a home with Supaloc Solid Insulation will ensure that your house benefits from the structural qualities of a steel frame, as well as an insulating medium that has absolutely no cavities or gaps. Alternative insulation methods cannot achieve the quality or consistency that is made possible by this technology.

This revolutionary technology is the future of building.

Supaloc Solid Insulation combines the strength of steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation.


Effective insulation is arguably one of the most important elements of an energy efficient home. A well insulated home requires considerably less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. When you consider that temperature control consumes approximately 38% of your energy bill, the importance of insulation becomes clear. Independent testing and evaluation by the University of South Australia confirms that Supaloc Solid Insulation has the potential to reduce energy requirements by up to 50%1. As Australian utility bills continue to rise, this reduction will translate into considerable cost savings on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.


Supaloc Solid Insulation has superior insulating properties, with no thermal bridging, no cavities and no air gaps. A house that keeps the warmth inside in winter and the heat outside in summer, feels pleasant. In addition to being highly energy efficient and contributing to the thermal comfort of the home, Supaloc Solid Insulation also performs well acoustically. When moulded into the Supaloc® frames, the insulating material absorbs sound reverberation, providing an enhanced level of acoustic comfort in your home.

Guaranteed for Life

Traditional building methods require insulation to be hand filled into wall cavities, by low skilled trades during the building process. This technique is left wide open to human error, with the potential for gaps and crevices to be left open.  In contrast, Supaloc Solid Insulation is produced in a controlled factory environment. It is moulded into the frame with no cavities or air gaps, and is a solid, cellular material that will not break down or collapse over time.