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Insist on Supaloc. Build with Weeks

11 May 2017

So why are Supaloc® steel frames the superior choice for new homes? In our latest campaign, Keith Schleiger explains..

Keith Schleiger appears in our most recent campaign which showcases the benefits of Supaloc steel frames, the innovative framing system that Weeks Building Group chooses to exclusively build with.

With over 25 years’ experience in the building industry, Keith has grown a reputation as a stickler for perfection, as evident in his involvement with Channel 9’s hit TV series “The Block”.

Keith himself is one of the growing number of Australians affected by termites, having to completely demolish a property he purchased for renovation. He is a huge advocate and supporter of the Supaloc System and in his own words is rapt to be involved with the product.

He explains the system in simple terms…It a no brainer with Supaloc. Its strong, its durable, its not going to get eaten by termites and its perfectly straight. Once the Supaloc system goes together its not going to move.”

In this latest campaign, which is currently appearing on YouTube and television, Keith explains the benefits of Supaloc. “There’s no doubt that Weeks build beautiful homes. But what impresses me most about Weeks, is that they’re built with Supaloc steel frames. They’re engineered to stay straight, saving you thousands on maintenance. Insist on Supaloc, build with Weeks.”

You can watch our latest TV campaign below, or read more about the benefits of Supaloc steel frames here.

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