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The ultimate guide to an organised pantry

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Moving into a brand new home is the perfect opportunity to start on the right track with your organisation. Apart from the obvious benefit of making you less frustrated every time you open those doors, having an organised pantry has some real advantages that you may have not even considered!

jars pantry

Image Credit: A Cozy Kitchen

Being able to find what you’re looking for quickly will save you a bunch of time each and every day, and take a little bit of unwanted stress out of hectic mornings or tired evenings. Plus, making sure your items are visible and accessible will ensure you actually use them before they go out of date, saving you money and reducing wastage.

So what are the tricks to an organised pantry? Read on!

Good pantry design

An organised pantry begins with good design. When you are planning your new home, think about what size pantry is required for your lifestyle. Will a single cupboard suffice or are you craving the space and practicality of a walk in pantry? We have a range of pantry options to suit your unique requirements, including the popular butler’s pantry – the ultimate in kitchen organisation. Here are a few examples to get you inspired.

 Koriella Pantry  Lismore Pantry  Dartmoor Pantry
Simple pantry cupboard, maximising kitchen space.


Spacious pantry, cleverly integrated with refrigerator.


Large walk in, tucked away at the end of the kitchen.


 Westmere Pantry  Tulkara Pantry  Harrington Pantry
Integrated refrigerator, with connection to garage.


Cleverly located between the garage and the kitchen.


Butler’s pantry with sink & space for appliances.


Get rid of unwanted items

When you’re packing up your old pantry ready for the big move, take the opportunity to discard any old or unwanted items. This will make it a lot easier to begin your new pantry with a fresh start. If you’ve been holding onto Auntie Cheryl’s brandy plums for 5 years, chances are you are NOT going to use them, so do yourself a favour and get rid of them! You don’t necessarily need to throw these items away – if they are within date then charity organisations are always looking for donations.

organised pantry

Plan your layout

Like in any organisational task, having a good strategy is key. Consider which items you use most often and which areas of your pantry are easiest to access, and plan to place items accordingly. There’s no point having the hundreds and thousands front and centre if you only use them once a year on little Timmy’s birthday!

Then it’s time to measure, measure, measure – so you know exactly how much space you’ve got to fit storage containers. Measure the height, width and depth of each shelf, or if you have adjustable shelves, measure the space between each level option so you know what you’ve got to work with.

     Image Credit: House Beautiful

Invest in good storage containers and make them pretty!

When it comes to organisation, don’t compromise on your storage containers. Choose quality products that are going to last, are easy-to-use and are the right size for your space. This will make your space much more usable and ensure you don’t have to redo this task in a year when your containers break! When selecting your containers, think about looks as well as practicality. You’re much more likely to want to keep a pretty place neat and tidy than one you’re not so proud of.

Pretty Pantry OrganisationThink outside the box

When selecting storage containers for your new and improved pantry, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the tried and true options. Think outside the box, and look in the bathroom or study sections of your local store to find the perfect vessel to suit your needs. There are also loads of clever hacks online that might just work for you! We love these ones from Making Midlife Matter.

Stay dedicated!

Like any project around the house, dedication is the key. Consider devoting an hour every month to assessing your pantry layout and reorganising any items that may have snuck out of place.

Image Credit: The Creativity Exchange        

You might have found that your initial layout requires a bit of tweaking, but over time your pantry will become a well-oiled food distributing machine! Once you have a good system in place you’ll be surprised at how little time it takes you to reorganise.

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