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Trend alert: Floor lamps

Posted inStyle Tips

We’re brimming with excitement to share our favourite new style trend! Its dramatic revival began in 2016 and is continuing in full force this year, popping up in style mags and online blogs in nearly every room of the house.

“What is this amazing phenomenon?” you ask. Well, prepare yourself for this revelation – it’s the humble floor lamp. Here are just a few reasons why these clever pieces bring so much to your home.

Easy peasy

Ideally suited to the living room or bedroom, floor lamps provide additional lighting without having the hassle of calling an electrician. You can purchase many styles that simply plug into a power outlet for easy installation and use. Unlike table lamps, they are stand-alone pieces, and can easily provide overhead lighting for reading or relaxing on the couch.

The versatility of position

One of the biggest benefits of floor lamps is their versatility in position. They are easily movable from one area to another so your lighting can be highly focused and tailored for your specific needs. Even better, when you no longer require the lamp in one room, you can easily move it to another!

Lamps as art

Like table lamps or wall lights, floor lamps can provide a lovely ambience to a room, by diffusing the light, or directing it onto walls or ceilings. This makes them ideal in bedrooms or living rooms, where you may not always want your main bright lights turned on while watching TV or relaxing.

Another beauty of floor lamps, so to speak, is that they not only are a functional, practical addition to a room, but can also add an artistic focal point. The recent spike in creative design of these once modest features, has increased the range of styles no end, meaning you can match your lamp with your home decor, all the way from a modern, contemporary look to an upcycled, vintage style.

Here are some budget lamps now available that we love!


Madera Floor Lamp – Kmart $29
Madera Floor Lamp
Marmo Floor Lamp – Kmart $29
Marmo Floor Lamp
Oskar Tripod Floor Lamp – Target $99
Oskar Tripod Floor Lamp
Rouge Ibis Floor Lamp – Bunnings $139
rouge ibis floor lamp