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The only tip you need to declutter your life

Posted inLife

You may think that this is impossible. One tip to declutter my entire life? It can’t be! But we think we’ve found the number one tip to organise your belongings and make you feel happier and calmer about ‘stuff’. So what is it? Go DIGITAL. Let me explain…

Ban the postie

Try to convert your bills, bank statements and subscriptions to digital form – in this day and age you should be able to receive zero (or very close to zero!) paper mail. This will reduce the amount of sorting through papers and filing you have to do, and cut down on stored documents.

Ditch the prints

We’ve all done it in the past – we get home from a fantastic adventure all excited and go straight to the newsagency to print off an album of holiday snaps. And then this album inevitably sits on a bookshelf getting dusty for the next 5 years until it gets stored away in a box somewhere never to be seen again. So ditch the prints! Keep backups of all your digital photos in at least 2 digital locations, but leave it at that. If you want to display certain special photographs on the wall or in frames then go for it! But leave the albums for your Facebook profile.

Photography is your friend

So what do you do with those sentimental items that you don’t really want to keep, but wouldn’t want to forget about entirely? Take a photo of them! By storing a digital memory of it you can part with the actual item knowing it will be remembered forever. Of course there are going to be those special items that you just can’t bear to throw away, and that’s fine. But choosing them wisely will cut down on storage boxes that just collect dust.

Receipts are another great item to photograph and ‘file’ away (digitally, of course). How many times have you kept a product receipt for warranty purposes only to have it fade before you can return your item? By photographing them you have an eternal copy, and you don’t have that pesky shoe box piling up with papers!

Hard copies are your enemy

Resist the urge to buy DVDs and CDs. Firstly, they will eventually get scratched and destroyed, rendering them unusable. Secondly, they collect dust and take up valuable space in your living room. By purchasing digital copies of music and movies you can store them forever at a fraction of the space.

Instruction manuals and driver CDs are hard copy fiends that can also be difficult to part with. They come with most appliances and electronics, and seem like good things to hang on to. Instead, investigate whether there is a digital version available online, then download it and store it. Now throw away those hard copies!

What to do next

If you don’t already own one, purchase an external hard drive or two. It’s a good idea to have a portable drive for everyday use, and a desktop hard drive for more long term backups. Decide on your file storage methods so that your new digital life is organised and get filing (the digital way!).