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How to style a practical & stylish entrance hall

Posted inStyle Tips

There’s nothing quite like arriving home to a tidy and organised home after a long day, when you’re ready to kick off your shoes, hang up your coat and hit the couch with a glass of red. Your entrance hall is the first room that welcomes you into your home, so it’s important that it works hard to promote easy, organised habits. And while it’s at it, it can do with a generous splash of style to make you remember why you love your home the minute you walk in that door. The entrance hall is the ideal space to create a harmonious balance of style and practicality for the perfect welcome home.

We’ve compiled this list of tips to create a place for everything and keep everything in its place, plus add a bit of your own unique style! Read on to discover the essentials for a practical and stylish entrance hall.

House Entry Hall
Image Credit: Houzz

A place to sit

A small seat can be a very handy addition to your entrance hall, providing a dedicated place to take shoes on and off, out of the thoroughfare of the hallway.

Plus, for those of us who are getting a little older, bending down to tie shoes gets a little bit harder each and every year, and your weary body will thank you for a comfy chair at the end of a long day!

Homedit Entry Hall
Image Credit: Homedit

A place for shoes

It’s important to create good storage solutions for your shoes, to keep them easily accessible but tucked away neatly. Consider using one basket per family member, or use shelving to display shoes for easy access. It’s a good idea to limit this area to regularly used shoes, with just a few seasonally appropriate pairs per person.

As the seasons change, so can the shoes! When springtime comes, pack those gumboots away and get ready to pull out the flip flops!

Stunning entrance hall
Image Credit: ZPlus Interiors

A place to hang items

It’s a great idea to create a hanging area for certain often-used items. Adding wall hooks or a hat stand is an excellent use of vertical space and keeps items from ending up on the floor in undesirable piles every day.

In summer time, this may include towels, sunhats or beach umbrellas and in winter this space will be very handy for coats, scarves and rain umbrellas.

Key Hanger
Image Credit: Etsy

A place for keys

If you’re a chronic key misplacer or have one in the family, then you’ll know the stress of running around in chaotic mornings searching for those pesky car keys. A dedicated location for key storage is a fantastic way to prevent this hectic hunt.

Consider using a bowl on a bench, or a hook for hanging – either way, placing the keys there will soon become habit for the whole family and make your mornings a whole lot calmer!

A place for reflection

And by reflection, we literally mean your reflection. That is, a mirror! Say goodbye to the days of heading out of the house with toothpaste on the collar or hair off-skew by adding a stylish mirror to your entrance hall. A mirror is a very handy addition to your entrance hall, for those last minute touch ups or outfit checks. This will ensure that a quick glance of yourself is the last thing you do before you leave the house!

Ikea entry hall
Image Credit: Ikea

A place for knickknacks

Finally, it’s a great idea to include a handy spot for important knickknacks, such as change, phones, sunscreen or mosquito repellent.

Anything that you might want to grab and chuck in your handbag or backpack at the last minute.

These items can also change by the season and be catered to your location’s individual climate.

Creating an organised entrance hall ensures you are not rushing around the house looking for those last minute items, and will streamline your daily exit and make your return home that much more welcoming. Good organisation can also go hand in hand with lovely styling, so what are you waiting for? Revamp your entrance hall today!