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Property Development – Multiple Dwellings

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Development of multiple dwellings can create a number of exciting opportunities: wealth, an investment or a home. Opportunities come in different shaped packages and sometimes it’s hard to envisage the potential of a block of land. In addition building regulations and design parameters are changing constantly, so it’s hard to keep abreast of exactly what your land might be capable of supporting. Weeks Building Group has the creativity and experience to provide you with outstanding design concepts that will work for you, your lifestyle and your block!

We relish the opportunity to develop your property to its full potential and are experienced in managing the entire process – from design, to subdivision, to demolition and construction.


Creation of multiple dwellings on your existing block.

Perhaps you are looking at upgrading your own home or the land it sits on is really just going to waste. You have the ability to build multiple dwellings on your valuable land. You can choose to retain your existing home to live in and build additional properties for sale or demolish the residence and develop the entire site. Each option has its own set of benefits and financial rewards.

Sub-division and sale of additional land.

Alternatively you have the option of subdividing without undertaking any form of construction. We can assist with the subdivision process and tailor a house and land package making it even simpler for you to sell the newly created block.


The style of development that is possible is reliant on the block shape.

2 on a block: Large blocks can be divided to accommodate two designs side by side.

Duplex: Duplexes consist of one building, on a single lot, which is divided into two dwellings that share a common wall.

Hammerhead:  This style of design also referred to as a Battle-axe, flagpole and a number of other names gives you the opportunity to invest in a new home, whilst still keeping your current property or alternatively building two entirely new dwellings. This generally involves running a driveway down the side of the property to access the rear home.

Corner cut-off: Deep corner blocks present the ideal opportunity for development. These blocks can easily be divided into two lots – each with its own street frontage and access.

Multiple Dwellings: If you simply own a large piece of land anything may be possible. We can tailor a solution to suit.





The first step in developing a property is evaluating your land and developing a concept that not only maximises this space but ensures the design is compliant with Council requirements. A simple meeting with a building consultant to discuss your various options is arranged. If you intend to move forward with the development we employ the services of a professional designer to prepare concept plans in accordance with Council requirements. Finally the plans for your development are drafted. Note: A fee is payable for this service.

 Meeting with a Building Consultant

A meeting with one of our trained consultants to discuss the various options available for your proposed development will be arranged.

Professional design services

A professional designer is employed to draft concept plans that ensure the development maximises the available space.

Complying with Council requirements

Concept plans are designed in consultation with Council planners to ensure they comply with Council requirements. Note: At this stage only verbal approval is provided.

You are required to bring a copy of your Certificate of Title to your initial meeting. This can be obtained from the Lands Titles Office or we can source it for you, fees apply.



Subdividing land is a complex and lengthy exercise comprising a number of stages to obtain approvals. In the following pages you will find a detailed explanation of the processes a typical subdivision application entails.

Lodging the Land Division Application

A proposed plan of division is prepared and lodged with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) The DAC forwards the application to the Council, SA Water and any other Government department that may have an interest in the development (ie Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), ETSA, Telstra and APA)

Satisfying the Conditions of Approval

Most applications are not instantly complying & in most cases are approved on their merits subject to certain conditions. There may be cases where the advice of a Private Town Planner is required – fees apply if applicable. A property conveyancer is engaged to ensure all conditions of approval are met. Once complete, the State agencies and Council give clearance and the Development Assessment Commission issue a Certificate of Approval



By taking advantage of our full development service we are able to guide you through every stage of developing a site, including the demolition of existing buildings. As part of the demolition process a professional demolition company will coordinate all demolition approvals & disconnections.

Demolition site approval

A licensed & insured demolition contractor will inspect the proposed demolition site.

Quote Provided

The quotation will include the total demolition, removal & disposal of: existing structures. This includes but not limited to house, garage, shed, concrete driveways, paths, paving, footings, trees (subject to approval), shrubs & vegetation

Approvals & Disconnections

As part of the service the demolition company will arrange the following approvals & disconnections: Council approval for demolition, disconnection of the electricity & gas services

We are able to remove, transport & dispose of asbestos materials in accordance with Safework SA, E.P.A, Council & State regulations  All approvals & disconnections should be completed early in the development process.



Following the concept design of your dwellings, which are completed early in your development process, you will meet with your building consultant to discuss various items you wish to have included in your quote.

Upon your approval of this quote, you will enter into a Preliminary Design Agreement (PDA) and the Administration process will begin.

Administration Process

The Council application is prepared & lodged, with a copy the engineer’s site & drainage plan, Council approval is granted (Planning Approval only) The final quote is prepared and you will enter into a HIA Building Contract and remaining Council applications are prepared and lodged (Building Rules Consent and Full Development Approval)

Selections Process

The selections process enables you to identify the various products and finishes you would like included in your dwellings. Pre-selected colour schemes are also available should you wish to streamline this process.

Construction of new dwellings

Following all approvals and the completion of selections a bank pack is compiled and sent for finance approval.

Following Council & finance approval, construction of your new dwellings can begin