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Piano moving: Tips to make the hardest job easier

Posted inLife

It’s the job we all dread, the one we leave until very last. The house is empty apart from the giant, 10 ton, antique piano in the lounge room. Piano moving is very challenging – due to their weight, their delicate nature and their size. If you want your piano in the same beautiful condition when it arrives at its new home then follow these tips.

Get to know your piano

First you should learn the size, parts and approximate weight of your piano. Take some measurements so you know which pathways your piano will fit through. Figure out where the moveable parts are e.g. key cover and lid, so that you know where not to hold. Finally, get a feel for the approximate weight, and check to see if it has roller wheels and their condition.

Scope out a good route through your house

Once you know the dimensions of your piano you can decide the best route to take. Make sure the pathway is completely clear before you begin. (Chances are the whole house will be empty already!)

Keeping your piano in good condition

Make sure you protect the piano with blankets and bumpers on the corners. Ensure you have padding ready to use in the truck or trailer it will be transported in.

Stay safe

Ensure that no one stands in the path of the piano should it fall. The weight of a piano could cause severe injury. Take regular rests during the move to prevent injury to the movers and damage to the piano.

Getting the piano into its new home

The same rules apply for getting the piano into its new home. If you have these things figured out before the piano movers get to your house then you will save time and money on the job.