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Paint colours: Choose like a designer

Posted inStyle Tips

Are you ready to choose the colours for your new home? The choice of paint colour can go a long way in creating the desired atmosphere of your new home. Choosing the right colours can be a daunting task, so we’ve compiled these easy tips to get you started.

      1. When decorating a small space, use light colours. They make the room seem bigger!
      2. Always use a matte finish paint on your ceiling. Gloss paint shows any imperfections.
      3. Use a maximum of three colours on the exterior of your house. One for walls, one for trim and one for accents.
      4. Think about adding texture to your walls. Try metallic, silk, suede or stone paint for a cool effect with minimal fuss.
      5. Always stir your paint thoroughly before using it – this will ensure a good, even colour on your walls.
      6. Be bold! Make your house your own by trusting your instincts and keeping to your personality. You can always paint over it!

We also found this really cool, free online tool for choosing colour palettes, from Adobe. Click here to see it!

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