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Michael & Rebecca

Posted inTestimonials

We visited new Weeks home owners Michael & Rebecca in their beautiful 3 bedroom Adelaide home. As first home buyers, they loved the convenience of finding a house and land package where the hard work was already done for them.

“It gave us the freedom to choose all the selections, but a lot of it was done for us. So that was a very convenient part of the process” Michael told us.

They loved the personal touch their Sales Consultant provided, even alerting them to house & land packages she thought would suit their lifestyle. Visiting display homes also gave them a good sense of what Weeks could create for them.

Throughout the building process they found the Weeks staff helpful and responsive, and told us they were appreciative of the hands-on approach .

“Going down to Seaford to have a look at the display homes there and dealing with the consultant, she was fantastic, and that was one of the things that really steered us towards Weeks… Any time you needed to get in contact with them, if they weren’t available right then and there, it was only a short wait before you had to wait for a call back.. Always very helpful and eager to assist!”

Having experienced the horrors of termites in the past, Rebecca explained how Supaloc steel frames were a big priority for their new home.

“From my past experience at our family home, we had a really bad problem with termites.. which was really quite scary and quite costly. Having a home that’s built with Supaloc you don’t have to worry about any of that type of thing, so it really does put your mind at ease.”

“From start to finish it was a wonderful process and it’s great to have something to look back on and remember the time that we shared with Weeks.”

They especially loved the selections process, and being able to choose every detail to suit their personal taste. They were also surprised at the large range of products on offer, and explained how friends and family who were building with other companies were envious of this extensive choice.

“I really enjoyed the selections part of it, getting to pick and choose basically everything! I was really in my element” Rebecca told us. “Something we really found that was a benefit, which we thought other builders lacked was the range of products that we were able to choose from.” 

We loved the layout of their home, which provides plenty of private secluded areas as well as space for entertaining large groups. Through clever home design and practical layout, their home uses space wisely, and as a result they plan on enjoying their home for many years to come.

“I think one of the benefits with Weeks is that they were able to include so much in the floor space that we had, which really has made this house from a 5 year house to a possible 15 year house” Michael explained.

Visiting their block and seeing their new home come to life was one of the highlights of the building experience, and they showed us some snapshots of the process. Michael’s mum even put together a photo book to remember the experience!

“From start to finish it was a wonderful process and it’s great to have something to look back on and remember the time that we shared with Weeks.”

So how would they rate the Weeks experience?

“We would definitely recommend Weeks to our friends and family.. If we ever build again Weeks would be a top candidate!”