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Maraya & Dan

Posted inTestimonials

Maraya and Dan wanted to build a spacious and modern home, close to their friends and family. After extensive research, they discovered their house and land package through Weeks and decided it was the one for them.

“We spent a lot of time on the net looking for houses, looking for land. We went to quite a few Weeks display homes and we really liked the look of them. We thought this could be the one!”

They loved the ease of choosing a house and land package, were the hard work was done for them. As first home buyers and new builders, they were looking for a simple process.

 “The house and land package was really good because it was a one stop shop. You didn’t need to purchase your land and then think “Who am I going to build with now? What should I do?”

They wanted to own a home that would be strong and sturdy for many years to come, and not have the risk of costly and devastating termite damage, like Maraya had experienced previously  in her family home.

“It was important to us that the home was sturdy and that we didn’t have the risk of getting white ants and termites. My parents house had it when we were growing up and it’s not a fun thing to go through, so Supaloc was a very good choice for us.”

Their home has a young, fresh look with a subtle sense of elegance, and fits their personalities well. They attributed this to the easy and fun selection process, where there was plenty of guidance, but room to incorporate their own unique style.

“The selections process was like a kid in a candy store! We loved that process!”

As a young couple it is not always easy to have a large budget for a new home, but their home looks tasteful and stylish.

“It looks fancy without being too expensive. The standard of it is very good for what you pay. And we didn’t blow out our budget!”

Maraya was very happy with the attentive service she received, and felt as though she was guided through the building process with ease.

“If I ever had any queries I’d flick [Weeks] an email and I’d get a response if not the same day then the day after. They were always very helpful and very friendly.”

When their friends and family visit, they are surprised at the size and spacious layout of their home. With plenty of space inside, and a roomy backyard, perfect for their boystrous kelpie, they couldn’t be happier with the design.

“Everyone else that comes here, they all say “Now I want to build!”

So would they recommend Weeks?

“We would definitely recommend Weeks. They were absolutely brilliant from the word go. Definitely give Weeks a call!”