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Little luxuries to lift your bathroom

24 February 2017

The bathroom is often a space of morning hustle bustle and can easily be considered the norm as host to a chaos of clothes and towels strewn around the room. But a bathroom can also be a calming place of serenity, a place to simply escape the world and pamper yourself. We’ve got some easy tips for adding a little luxury to your bathroom to make you feel like royalty right in your very own home.

Indulge your artistic side with some artwork

People often think of the bathroom as an area permitting only easy-clean objects for fear of the dreaded mould or soap scum. But why miss out on the luxury of a little artwork for the sake of a little elbow grease. Sure, don’t choose your $600 one-of-a-kind handmade masterpiece, but a nice $30 canvas from a cheap store can easily add a sense of luxury to an otherwise stark tile wall. Just give it a wipe down from time to time to keep it shiny clean and voila, instant luxury!


Add a bath caddy

Indulging in a relaxing bath once in while is one of the most satisfying things you can do to pamper and nurture yourself. So why not set up your bath in the luxury style it deserves? The addition of a bath caddy not only provides a stylish addition to your bathroom, but also a practical storage location for all your bathtime lotions and potions. Plus, no more knocking your shampoo into the soapy abyss with your elbows!

Consider glamorous lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of a room, and bathrooms tend to feature cold white, bright lighting to provide maximum visibility. If you do require the brightness for practicality sake, then you may need to keep it, but perhaps consider a unique, characterful light fitting. Or, if you have adequate natural lighting or extra lights around or above your mirror, the main light doesn’t necessarily need to be so bright and overbearing. A warm white light with a little softness adds a relaxing ambience to the room, allowing for the ultimate tranquil atmosphere.

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Add a comfy seat

Whether you’re a weary parent sitting with the kids at bathtime, or a doting partner in for a chat, a comfy place to sit is always handy in the bathroom. Why perch on the cold edge of the tub when you can relax in style and comfort on a chair of your own!

Rolled towels

Think back to every catalogue photoshoot or Pinterest board on fancy bathrooms and they all have one thing in common. Yep, it’s the rolled towel. Don’t just fold those haggard old scraps of material, a simple roll of the wrist and these practical cloths can turn into fluffy masterpieces.

Rolled towels

These simple tips are easy ways to add a little luxury to your bathroom, to make it the tranquil oasis it ought to be.

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