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Lighting in your home: 8 tips and tricks

Posted inStyle Tips

Lighting can really add to your home by giving each room its own unique atmosphere. There are many different kinds of lighting available, so it can be hard to know the right option for your room. We have compiled the 8 simplest and most effective tricks that you can use to enhance your home using clever lighting.

  1. Try illuminating your favourite artwork with a picture light. This will give your room a stylish feel while adding soft, indirect light that lightens the area without being harsh and direct.
  2. Dimmers are a great addition to add mood to a room while still being practical. You can then use soft light for an intimate dinner but bright light for working late.
  3. Plan the placement of light switches carefully before installing them. Good positioning will save you a lifetime of frustration.
  4. Use solar powered outdoor lighting for pathways and highlighting garden features. This will add to your garden without costing a fortune in electricity.
  5. Consider installing two way switches in your bedroom. This will save you the trouble of getting back out of bed to turn the light off after reading.
  6. Try indirect lighting for a different look. A floor lamp that shines at the ceiling can illuminate the room, make it feel larger, and also prove great atmosphere.
  7. When hanging a pendant light over a dining table ensure that it is just above eye height so your guests can all see each other.
  8. Choose a light shade that is an appropriate size for the room. Large chandeliers can look fantastic, but ensure the room is big enough to house it without feeling cramped.