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Last Minute Easter DIY’s to Make Your Home a Little More Festive

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2018 is flying by, so it is no surprise that Easter has crept up on us, considering most of us are still getting over Christmas! If you’re anything like us and preparing for the Easter holiday has been the last thing on your mind, do not fear! We have some quick and easy DIY projects to make your space a little more Easter appropriate, with a personalised touch.

Sugared Almond Wreath

almond wreath

Image Credit: DIY & Crafts

What better way to add some colour to your space than with some sugared almonds! The egg-shape of these delicious treats will make it an especially sweet Easter decoration.

What you need:

  • 1 x styrofoam wreath
  • sugared almonds (mutli-coloured)
  • hot-glue gun
  • decorative string or ribbon

Step 1: Take the foam wreath and begin hot-gluing the almonds in place, starting on the inside circumference, overlapping a few to add some dimension.

Step 2: Continue following around the wreath until the front and inner/outer edges of the wreath are completely covered.

Step 3: Hang your wreath wherever desired with a sturdy piece of ribbon or decorative string.

TIP! It should last for one to two years if wrapped in paper and stored in a box in a cool, dry place.

Bunny Crossing Sign

Impress your little Easter egg hunters with this quick and simple ‘bunny crossing’ sign that you could also keep in your garden all season!

What you need:

  • 2 small pieces of wood – can be scrap wood
  • wooden garden stake
  • paint colours of your choice + paint brushes
  • printed words
  • hammer and nails

Step 1: Begin by painting your wood in the colour of your choice. We love a pastel colour and think it is super Easter appropriate. Make sure your wood is wide enough to paint words onto its surface!

Step 2: Print the words ‘bunny’ and ‘crossing’ in reverse and position onto a separate plank of wood. Transfer the ink by going over each letter with a pencil. Paint over the transfer with a black paint (or colour of your choice) to create a sharper, bolder word.

Step 3: Hammer a nail through the middle of each piece of wood to attach it to the garden stake and hammer it into position wherever your garden calls for it!

TIP! Use a third plank of wood and some white and black paint to create your own bunny!

Hatching Eggs

hatching eggs

Image Credit: Hungry Happenings

What is greater than a hard boiled egg? One that is hatching! This is the one that the kids are going to love (to eat).

What you need:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • peeled carrots
  • a sharp knife

Step 1: Cut the thicker end of your carrot into 1/4 inch discs to make the feet. Use a small and sharp knife to carefully cut out a foot shape from the disk. The easiest way it to cut it as if you are cutting out the letter E! These don’t have to look perfect, the difference between each foot is going to make it look more hand made and personalised.

Step 2: Cut the rest of the carrot into some small batons – about the length and thickness of a match stick. At both ends, use the knife to cut the batons to a point.

Step 3: Use a skewer to poke a hole in the centre of each foot and into the egg. Place the carrot batons into each of the holes to hold the legs and feet in place!

TIP! Present your hatching eggs on shredded wheat or crushed biscuits to make it look like a nest!

Easter-fied Mason Jars easter egg mason jars

Instead of a traditional Easter basket, fill some hand made mason jars with your child’s favourite treats and toys!

What you need:

  • acrylic paint + paint brushes
  • mason jars
  • glitter + glue (optional)

Step 1: Coat your mason jar entirely in a colour of your choice. You may want to paint one yellow for a chick, or white for a rabbit, but the possibilities are endless!

Step 2: Give your jar some features by using the wooden end of a large paint brush to create eyes. Paint a simple downwards facing triangle to create a chick’s beak, or make a larger circle with lines extending diagonally outwards to create a bunny nose and whiskers.

Step 3: This is optional, but looks amazing! Coat your jar (excluding the facial features) in clear glue or other adhesive and coat in glitter similar in shade to the colour underneath.

TIP! Use googly eyes and foam feet to make your jars even more interesting!

Jelly Bean Tree

jelly bean tree

Image Credit: Craftly Sisters

A simple, yet effective DIY to make your home feel a little more suited to the Easter holiday, and a lot more fun!

What you need:

  • tree branches of any kind – thin branches look great
  • hot glue
  • multi-coloured jelly beans
  • a vase or jar

Step 1: Remove all leaves and other unwanted items from your branches. If you have rather dirty branches, gently wash with some water and an old sponge.

Step 2: Begin gluing the jelly beans onto parts of the branch with hot-glue in no particular pattern. Make sure you use an assortment of colours!

Step 3: Present in a vase or jar of your choice! If you have any Easter ornaments, feel free to hang these off the branches.

TIP! If you opt for a glass jar, consider incorporating Easter eggs and other good into the jar as well.