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Simple ideas to freshen up your home this spring!

8 September 2017
Life | Style Tips

The days are getting longer, the garden is becoming more colourful and you can feel the warmth slowly creeping back into the air.. yes, it’s finally spring time! As the outdoors brightens up, it’s the perfect time to do the same to your home. We’ve compiled this list of 6 simple ideas to give your home a freshen up to take you boldly into spring.

Bright bedroomAdd a splash of colour

If your winter home decor is now feeling a little dark and drab, swap it over for some more colourful items. In the bedroom, consider swapping your quilt cover, pillow cases, and throw rugs for some bright, vibrant alternatives. In the dining room, add some bright placemats and a bold centrepiece. And in the lounge, consider swapping over your rug or cushions for a splash of colour. Adding colourful accents is a quick and affordable change that will make a big difference to the feeling of each of your rooms.

flowersBring the outside inside

Bring a splash of outside colour into your home with fresh plants and flowers. With an abundance of blooms now readily available at your fingertips, head into the garden and find your favourite blossoms for a new bouquet each week.

Introduce some fresh house plants to each room to provide a permanent sense of nature. This not only provides some greenery to your home, but also helps to recirculate and oxygenate the air.

drapesLet there be light!

Now that the daylight hours are getting longer and the temperature is rising, consider swapping your heavy living room curtains for some sheer drapes that maximise natural light while maintaining privacy. This will also help to let warmth into your home while the air is still crisp.


Spring is the perfect time to reset your home by decluttering spaces and getting rid of unwanted items. The warm months of entertaining are fast approaching and there’s nothing like having a fresh, tidy home to enter this season. Choose one room at a time and finish it, to give you a sense of accomplishment. Within a week, your home will be free of unwanted items that have been weighing you and your home down.

Store winter items

We like to call it reverse-hibernation – where your winter items go into hiding for the spring and summer months. There’s no point cluttering up closets and cupboards with items that won’t be used for at least another 9 months. So grab some storage crates and get packing!

Outdoor plantsReady the yard for entertaining

Whether you have a pool, spa, deck or a simple grass area, it’s a good idea to start tidying up your yard ready for the outdoor entertaining season. You’ll be throwing garden parties sooner than you think, so get onto that weeding, mowing, repairing and gardening before the jolly season is upon us!


So what are you waiting for? Head into spring feeling happy and organised with these simple tips to brighten up your home and your life!

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