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How to choose the perfect couch

Posted inStyle Tips

A couch is a key part of every living room, and you’re likely to spend a fair amount of your relaxation time snuggled up on it throughout the week. So you want to make sure that your couch is the perfect place to promote maximum comfort. There is an extraordinary array available, with varying materials, shapes, sizes and colours, so you want to make sure you have a good idea in mind before you head to the furniture store. There’s nothing worse than getting home and finding that your new pride and joy won’t fit through the front door! Read on to discover our top tips on how to choose the perfect couch for your new living room.

1. Think about how you’ll use it

Families use their living rooms in many different ways, so have a think about a typical Sunday evening and how your family would be spread out in the room. Some kids may prefer cushions or bean bags on the floor so may not want a spot on the sofa, whereas others may want to sprawl out in their very own chair. Similarly, if you have pets, it’s a good time to decide if you want them curled up next to you, or if there is a strict four legs on the floor policy!

2. Size is essential

Think about the space available in your living room. It’s likely that a large area can handle a bigger couch, whereas a small room may require something on the mini side. Also consider how many people you would like to cater for. Remember that you can always get some separate arm chairs, either as part of a set, or mismatching to add some character. It’s a good idea to do some measurements so you know maximum width and depth that you have to work with.

3. Orientate yourself and your couch

The orientation of your couch is important to create the flow and atmosphere of the room. Think about where you want to be looking when relaxing on your new sofa. It may be towards a television, a window with a view, or into another room to link spaces. You can also use your sofa to separate large areas by facing it away from areas to create a virtual barrier. Love hosting dinner parties and game nights? Consider clustering multiple chairs around a central coffee table.

4. The fabric finish

The fabric is a key factor to consider when choosing your sofa. Different materials vary in durability, washability and general look and feel. If you have kids and pets, ensure you choose something hardy and easy to clean. Whereas, if you plan on looking after it like a precious family heirloom, you can opt for a more luxurious material like suede.

5. Shape your room

There is a vast selection of sofa shapes to choose from. The standard straight couch is a good bet for small areas. Or consider an L shape to fit maximum couch in a small space. L shapes are also very versatile, especially when the foot of the L is movable. Curved couches take up more room, but do add a distinct character to a room. And don’t forget the option of a matching set with recliner or arm chair!

6. Splash of colour

Finally, you need to choose a couch that fits your sense of style and personality. You can also add patterned or coloured cushions, and change them with the seasons. There are also a few practical colour considerations to take into account. For example, dark colours are less likely to stain, so if you’re a family with lots of grubby feet and animals galore, it may be best to opt for a darker shade. Whereas, if you are a tidy couple (who preferably don’t enjoy red wine) then the colour pallete is your oyster! Don’t forget that you can always reupholster your couch in a few years so why not try something a bit different.