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The Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2018!

2 February 2018

We are well and truly into the year of 2018! This means that fresh interior design trends are already emerging. 2017 was a year packed full of experimentation with colour palletes, furniture and decor, which has opened the doors for 2018 to be loaded with exciting and interesting interior decorating trends. Here are our favourites so far:


In regards to colour, 2018 is shaping up to be the definition of the bolder, the better! Experts are saying that bolder colour hues are going to be ‘in’ this year – and we certainly aren’t complaining!


Caliente is described as a sizzling hot colour that exudes warmth and confidence. We absolutely love this colour, it is pleasurable, passionate and makes the room feel somewhat special. This would be perfect as a feature wall in a bedroom!


Oceanside is reminiscent of a cosy, stress free holiday home overlooking the beach. The colour creates a feeling you’re at an exotic location. Director of Sherwin Williams explains that “it is a colour that makes its way into every corner of the home and inspires a sense of wanderlust.”


This shade has been named colour of the year by PPG industries. This colour creates a dark, intimate feel rather than the open and airy colours of the past. Dee Scotter of PPG stated that people are beginning to “crave deep, comforting colours that offer a welcome escape from the chaos of daily life.”

Millenial pink is still a cult favourite, for obvious reasons – it has the ability to bring out beautiful soft tones in contrast to deeper accents. However, many people the millenial pink colour is slowly morphing into a lavender/lilac colour.


weeks building group entry weeks building group open plan living

In 2018, wood is going to be widely used throughout homes, which will counterbalance the sleek, futuristic feel from previous years. Experts are saying that a slick, polished super smooth floor is going act as an encompassing material to mesh everything together.

As for the kitchen, many homes are going to be welcoming dark wood as traditional kitchens of white, cream and grey are losing momentum. It may be difficult to transition your kitchen from light shades to dark tones, but with a little inspiration and an open mind, it can be achieved.

It is also presumed that wood paneling and wood frames, specifically in bedrooms, is going to be a big trend in 2018, so it is certainly the year to give it a go!

Woven Materials

There is a growing desire to reconnect with nature this year, and many people are going to opt for more natural elements for their space, such as woven materials. Whether it is a linen hamper, planter or wall hanging, woven materials can be incorporated into your home to bring that prized handmade look.

Woven materials can add great texture and warmth to a room, without looking mass-manufactured or machined. So next time you need a new laundry basket, think about swapping to a woven basket!


This year, it is brass that will triumph over copper for the material of choice for accents in 2018. This gorgeous shiny material is predicted to feature in bathroom taps, and other accents, but mainly the choice of material for décor throughout the home.

Brass is a material that will help a room look and feel both luxe and feminine! Marble will always be on-trend, however ceramics are fading from sight.

suede chair

Suede and velvet will be making a grand entrance into homes this year in rich, deep tones to make a striking addition to any area of the home – especially in feminine-friendly homes.

Although this can add a feminine flare to any space, in contrast, it can be used in a masculine section of the house! Combining velvet with leather, tartan and geometric shapes  can give a ‘man cave’ a Nineties feel which is very trendy this year!

There are so many cotton velvets available today, with a high durability and an extensive range of colours. You can try this with subtle accent pieces such as blankets, before committing to occasional chairs or entire lounges!


istock plant

Indoor plants are going to take over home this year – and we are not complaining! As fresh as possible and as lush as you like, greenery will exude tranquility and life throughout your home.

With greenery, you can be as liberal or stringent as you like! But we assure you, once you’ve gone green it can’t be unseen. It’s on trend for a reason – it looks great, and adds a fresh perspective on what could be an ordinary space.

In 2018, plants and vegetation are a must have! If you know you won’t be able to keep a plant alive, then a single tree branch in a vase can also add that dose of life into your space! Check out our article on how to seamlessly incorporate plants into your kitchen as a starting point!

weeks building group bedroom weeks building group pillows

Patterns are going to be seen throughout all rooms of the home this year, whether it’s on pillows, on canvas, or in décor, patterns will be making an appearance! Watercolour florals are going to be stylish this year, but very minimal in comparison to previous years to avoid it looking too fussy.

Circles are also going to be used liberally in bedrooms and living areas, as they add contrast to the straight lines many furnishings create. These will most likely be in colours that pop, like turquoise, apple green and shocking pink!

Start off small, by finding patterns in throw pillows and blankets, before opting to use curtains and frames with beautiful patterns and designs.


Wabi Sabi
wabi sabi

Image Credit: Wabi Sabi Vessels

One top design trend for 2018 is to style your home in relation to Wabi Sabi – the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. It is believed that décor or fixtures with a little more wear and tear are actually more interesting and attractive; revealing different layers, colour and texture.

If you are not a fan of love-worn products, seek décor or furniture with crackled effects, or with the appearance of weathering and oxidization.

Earthen Luxury

2018 is the year that we will reconnect with nature within our homes, as predicted by several interior design experts, such as Emma Vigen. She believes that “as our lives become more hectic and reliant on technology” the desire to reconnect with nature will be “reflected in the design and style of our homes”.

The use of organic materials and traditional handcrafts will gain momentum throughout 2018 and propel into 2019! Earthen luxury is a style that focuses on a sense of wellbeing and will influence everything in regards to building materials and homewares.

The natural look will be highlighted by marble and small amounts of plexiglass as to make the space look more open and airy.


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