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Fire safety in your home

Keep your family safe and warm this winter

Posted inLife

In the cold, winter months we all want to stay toasty warm by various means of heaters, fires and electric blankets. While making cold nights more comfy, these items can turn nasty if not properly monitored, leading to costly and life-threatening household fires.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your family stays safe this winter:

  • Install smoke alarms around the home and regularly ensure they are in working order.
  • Identify exit routes from your home in case of fire.
  • Teach children (and adults!) fire safety practices.
  • Practice family fire drills (it may sound nerdy, but could save a life!).
  • Keep a fire blanket and extinguishers in an easy access location like the kitchen.
  • Never leave candles, cooking appliances, heaters or electric blankets unattended.
  • Maintain heaters, clothes dryers and wiring each year to avoid faulty.

Follow these tips for a safe and comfortable winter with the most valuable comfort of all – peace of mind!