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Easy & affordable DIY artwork for your new home

7 July 2017
Style Tips

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times of your life, and no doubt you want it to look amazing right from the word go. But when you move in there are likely to be a lot of blank walls that are just begging to be filled. Let’s face it, artwork is expensive, and if you’re also in the market for new furniture and other items, it may not be high on the priority list. So we’ve put together a list of simple ideas to create your own easy, affordable artwork to spice up your new home!

Simple canvas painting

You may think that pulling out the paintbrushes means you require some level of artistic talent, but with these really simple ideas, this is not the case at all! Try creating modern and bold artwork by using painter’s tape, strategically applied to a canvas or sheet of plywood. Then simply paint over the whole canvas, remove the tape and voila!

Alternatively, the use of matte, earthy colours and metallic paint can create a sophisticated and artistic look when applied messily to a canvas.

Stencils are also your best friend! You can buy a whole range of beautiful stencils online, like the one used in this stunning mandala piece. No talent required – simply paint over them in your choice of colours and you’re done!

 Simple canvas  Simple canvas art  Simple canvas art
Photo credit: Classy Clutter Photo credit: Craft Warehouse Photo credit: Number Fifty Three

Frame your fave fabric

This simple, stunning DIY artwork requires no artistic skill whatsoever and is super affordable! Simply choose your favourite pieces of material and frame them to create a gallery of patterns and styles to love.

Or, cover a canvas with material for a more relaxed look. Either way, you can easily change these over with new material when you get sick of them! For a different look, try adding a three-dimensional element like lettering or flowers for something even more unique!

Framed fabric art Framed fabric art  Framed-fabric-artwork
Photo credit: Pottery Barn Photo credit: Imperfect Homemaking Photo credit: The Baeza Blog

Use your kids’ artistic genius

If you’ve got a little Picasso in the house, why not use their artistic talents to good use? Displaying kids’ artwork is a great way to make them feel involved in the home decoration and to cherish special artwork. You can even turn their art into modern masterpieces, by sticking down painter’s tape onto a canvas before they begin, or using a cute stencil sticker like in this rabbit canvas. Or, display some matching frames on the wall for a children’s gallery that can be changed whenever you like!

Kids artwork Kids artwork Kids artwork
Photo credit: Robin Egg View Photo credit: Red Tricycle Photo credit: The DIY Village

With these simple and affordable ideas, you’ll have your new home looking like the Louvre in no time.

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