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Dreaming of a beautiful backyard? Tips for creating a garden you will love.

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Gardens can be a beautiful escape literally right in your own backyard! But a neglected and uninviting garden can just be a burden to maintain and keep. Why not transform your garden into an inviting oasis by following these simple steps?

Dream up your oasis

First get some inspiration! What do you want to use your garden for? Outdoor entertaining? A kids’ play area? What theme would you like to use? A Balinese retreat? A modern alfresco entertaining area? Trawl the internet and magazines for inspiration and compile things you would like to include.

Set your budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend and what you require. As soon as you require any earthmoving things can get expensive. Also, purchasing already grown plants can add up quickly. Make a list of your priorities so that you can allocate funds accordingly.

Hire a landscaping expert

Landscapers know gardens. They know what will work where and the best way to achieve your dream. They also can assist you with the right kind of plants, lawn and materials to include to reduce ongoing maintenance. This can save you time and money in the future. Landscapers also have access to the proper equipment so you can get the job done easier and faster. So if your design is ambitious, or you are uncertain, then call in an expert to give you advice and do the tricky bits for you.

Build your sanctuary

With the help of your landscaper decide what you can do yourself and what you need an expert to undertake. Be realistic and honest about your skills so that you don’t end up leaving a job half done or poorly done. When you are relaxing on your new deck in the afternoon sun, or playing in your new cubby house with the kids you will thank yourself for finally fixing up that garden!

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