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Chantha & family

Posted inTestimonials

Chantha recently built a Weeks home for her and her three children in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills township of Nairne. As a first home buyer and a first home builder, Chantha had a steep learning curve when it came to the building process.

“I’m a first home buyer and it’s the first time I’ve ever built a house,” she told us. “Just going through the people to make me understand…they would explain it all to me, to make it an easy process to build.”

She wanted a home that would happily accommodate her and her children, and be safe and secure for years to come.

“The first thing I saw was the Supaloc frames. That’s what really interested me the most. Going through a design where it’s all steel frame, it’s more stable in the long run.”

Chantha found a design that she liked, but also worked with her Building Manager to customise her home to suit her family’s needs.

“The building manager that I went through listened to what I wanted with the design, and varied it in a lot of ways. For example, the portico out the front that I wanted, the three way bathroom… and the extra length of the open living as well.”

Their customised home provides the space and layout that their young family requires, with plenty of room to grow. With two separate living spaces, there’s plenty of room for the kids to play, while Mum watches over them from the open living area. The three way bathroom allows for maximum practicality – meaning no fighting over the bathroom in years to come!

“It’s your own house and you want it the way you want it.”

They couldn’t believe the speedy build time, and shared some great photos of the building process with us.

“Coming down here when it was actually just a frame and taking all these photos, it was just amazing how it came from just a slab of land, to a frame, then to bricks, and then a house in just 4 months! I was very impressed!”

So what do they think of their house?

“We come home and the kids always say ‘we love our house, we love our house’ and I love our house! It’s ours. We designed it, we built it, we put our heart and soul into it.”