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The best orientation for your new home

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You may have heard about the importance of home aspect, but what does it all mean? To put it simply, home aspect is simply the direction that your home faces. Orientating your home in the right direction ensures you can maximise the natural light and warmth your home receives from the sun, which can save on heating and cooling costs and make your home brighter and more appealing.

If you’re currently on the hunt for your new block of land, or if you’ve already found the perfect block and want to customise your home design to suit the environment, these handy tips will help get you started.

Best Aspect For Your New Home

Best home orientation

Main living areas

When selecting the orientation of your home, always prioritise the aspect of the main living areas, as they are where you will spend the majority of your time. The ideal direction to face these is north, or north-east. This will maximise light into these areas, which can then flow into other areas of your home.


The kitchen would ideally face to the east, to maximise morning light all year round. This will ensure a bright and well lit area to wake up to in the mornings and bring your sleepy home to life.


In order to ensure bedrooms stay cool in the warm summer months, never face the bedrooms west, as this will maximise the hot, afternoon sun. If you love a dark, cool bedroom then south facing is ideal. If you like to be woken by the natural, morning light then east facing bedrooms are the perfect choice for you.

Bathrooms and laundry

While the wet areas of your home are less of a priority as you don’t spend as much time in them, if possible face your bathroom and laundry to the east. This will ensure maximum morning light, and a good balance all year round.

So what’s the perfect home orientation? Take a look at this example floorplan for an idea of how to position your new home.

The best orientation for your home

So what if you’ve found the perfect block, but the aspect is not quite right?

Don’t panic, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise natural light and warmth in your home.

  1. Ensure your north-facing windows are large and numerous. If the northern view is less than desirable, consider adding high windows just under the ceiling, for a sky view.
  2. Place north-facing windows in line with open corridors or hallways that carry light to the rear of the home.
  3. Consider installing skylights on the northern side of your roof.
  4. In a two-storey home, add skylights above the staircase to bring extra light to the lower storey.
  5. Don’t plant heavy foliage around north-facing windows to avoid cutting out light.
  6. In general, avoid large windows to the west of you home, as this will heat up your home more than desired in summer.
  7.  If you can’t avoid facing certain rooms towards the hot west, consider adding a pergola or shutters on that side of the home.

These handy tips will ensure your home is beautifully lit and naturally warmed and cooled throughout the year, saving you money on lighting, heating and cooling and making your home a more lovely place to reside.