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Bedroom makeovers: easy tips you need to know

Posted inStyle Tips

Has your bedroom become just a place to crash out and throw your clothes when you’re not wearing them? Well it can be more than that! Winter is slowly creeping up on us, and everyone needs a relaxing bedroom to cuddle up and have a lie in on a rainy weekend morning. We’ve compiled these great tips you need to know about your next bedroom makeover.

1. Add countless cushions

For a luxurious feel, use plenty of throw cushions on your bed. Use a variety of colours and patterns to add interest to the room and to make your bed look comfy and inviting.

2. Consider a feature wall

Feature walls can really set off a room and create a particular atmosphere. If your furniture and accessories are quite plain, then a wallpaper feature wall is a great way to add some vibrancy to your bedroom. However, if your existing items are already very patterned and interesting then perhaps stick to neutral walls.

3. Artwork

Adding artwork to walls can really balance a room to prevent it from feeling “bottom heavy”. There are endless possibilities when it comes to artwork: try a DIY piece, a special photograph or a material wall hanging for something a bit different.

4. Use patterns

Using a variety of patterns ensures your room is visually interesting and intriguing. When shopping for cushions, artwork and other accessories make sure to have photos of patterns you already have in the room so you can see whether they match. Don’t be afraid to try pairing florals with stripes or spots with geometrical designs to give a really vibrant feel.

5. Choose your colour palette

It’s important to know your colour palette before purchasing items for your bedroom. This way pieces won’t look out of place or mismatched. You may not want your room to look like it’s from an IKEA catalogue, so feel free to mix things up, but having a few key colours of the same tones and shades will ensure that your room doesn’t look like a circus tent!

6. Storage space

Having a beautiful bedroom requires it to be vaguely neat also! So don’t forget about storage and bench space. It’s important that your room is usable, so make storage improvements a priority during your makeover. You can create some really clever and gorgeous storage solutions which can reduce the amount of time you spend tidying up! Bench space is often overlooked in bedrooms – so make sure you have a spot for that hot cup of milk and book next to your bed. Using pendant lighting rather than lamps is a great way to free up bench space.

7. Comfort is key

Remember that your bedroom is primarily for sleep and relaxation. So think about the colours, textures and items that represent a calm and serene space for you. A sleek, chrome legged arm chair may look stylish, but is it the comfy, cosy chair that you will want to curl up in on a Sunday afternoon?

8. Lighting

Lighting can give fantastic atmosphere to a room, and the bedroom is no exception. Because you are going to undertake many different tasks in the room, it is a great idea to have a dimmer switch on your main light so you can adjust the strength of the light. If you can’t do this, then try having different light sources around the room with different strength globes so you can pick and choose which to turn on. It is also essential to have a bedside lamp, or a two way switch so you can turn off the light from your bed – after all, who wants to get out of a warm bed to turn the light off every night?!

9. Don’t ignore the floor

The floor of a room is too often ignored when it is really one of the spaces you will be seeing the most! If your room needs a dash of colour, or if you have tiles or floorboards and need some warmth and cosiness, then rugs are a great way to achieve these things.

10. Make it personal

Your bedroom should be an expression of your personal taste and desires. So add your own personal touches including photos, books, jewelry and trinkets! After all, you will be most comfortable in a room that you love!

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