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9 Hidden Benefits You Didn’t Know About Having An Organised Home

Posted inLife

We’ve all got one –  a chaos room. It might be your shed, study, attic, wine cellar or child’s old bedroom. It’s filled with things that you know you might need, so can’t get rid of, but haven’t yet figured out where to put, or had time to put there. And if you’re really lucky it’s just a chaos drawer!

Being organised is certainly a challenge, but it has many obvious benefits that we all begrudgingly acknowledge. But perhaps there are benefits that you haven’t really thought about before. Read on to find out why being a neat freak could really benefit you!

1. Saves you money

Being organised means that you can locate things quickly when you need them. We’ve all had this experience: You know you’ve got that screwdriver or picture hook somewhere. But you inevitably end up buying a new one, only to find the old one a week later. This just wastes money on things you don’t really need.

2. Keeps stress levels low!

There’s nothing more frustrating than running around the house minutes before an important event, hunting for that second shoe. Disorganised homes add unnecessary stress and chaos.

3. Saves you time

Hunting for lost items around the house is not only frustrating, but time consuming. Those minutes spent each day searching through boxes, cupboards or drawers all add up! Yes it does take time organising in the first place, but once you have good systems in place it is much easier to remain organised and get rid of the need for rifling through cupboards every day.

4. Improves your relationships

“Where are the car keys?”  “Have you seen my other shoe?”  “What did you do with the sticky tape?” Sound familiar? Don’t discount the effect that disorganisation can have on your family relationships. In times of stress like rushing to leave the house, or finding tools in an emergency, relationships are put under unnecessary stress if items can’t easily be found. It’s easy to blame others for misplacing things and have silly arguments in tense situations. If you implement systems that everyone can use, then your home will be a happier, more easy-going and peaceful place!

5. Saves you money on long-term investments

Storage costs money. Even in your very own home. Think about your home in terms of cost per square metre . This especially applies if you move house and purchase a new home with enough room for all of your excess stuff! You are paying for square meterage that you don’t really need.

6. Teaches your children good habits

Setting good examples for your children will teach them valuable organisational skills that will save them a lifetime of headaches. Teaching kids to put away their toys neatly after playing, and tidying up any accidental messes not only teaches them good life habits, but helps you out around the house!

7. Clutter breeds clutter

Think about it: there’s a nice, clean bench free from dust, debris or clutter and you are about to toss down some magazines carelessly because you can’t find anywhere better to put them. You will find it a lot harder to mess up an already nice bench than one already filled with stuff. Being a bit disciplined right from the start saves the clutter from exponentially growing into a giant headache.

8. Better for your health

Cluttered areas are impossible to clean properly. Therefore its in your family’s best health interests to keep spaces organised and debris free so you can get into all corners of a room to clean.

9. Makes you feel happier!

There’s nothing like coming home to a neat, clean home where you can relax without worrying about what your next tidying job is. Yes you will just mess it up again, and have to keep on top of the tidying, but a little bit of tidying every day is a lot less daunting than an entire chaos room (or house!) once in a blue moon.