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5 tips to having an organised home office

Posted inLife

Working at home can be a time efficient and more relaxing way of working by avoiding the hectic commute. But it’s easy to let yourself be disorganised and messy without the pressure of colleagues and bosses looking over your shoulder. We’ve compiled some of the best tips to keep you organised and clutter-free in your home office.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Yes it’s definitely easier said than done, but if you have a designated place for everything then you are more likely to tidy things up as you go. It’s the items that don’t have a designated home that pile up on your desk and get out of control.

2. Storage accessories

Using clever storage accessories can really help to keep your papers and documents organised. Things like trays and folders can help to keep papers compiled into categories like paid and unpaid, or done and to do. Then you can file these papers at a later time, but at least they are organised in the mean time!

3. Designate organisation time every day

If you set aside a particular time each day to spend 10 minutes filing and organising your desk, then loose papers won’t get on to top of you. Don’t just say “10 minutes some time today” or you will inevitably not get around to doing it – make 4 o’clock tidy time and you will actually get it done!

4.Have a waste and recycling bin

If you have a waste and paper recycling bin close by then you can throw things away immediately rather than leaving them on your desk for a future clean up time. Be sure to empty it at the end of every day to prevent smell and overflow.

5. Have a give away box

There are always those items that are too good to throw away but we don’t want anymore. They end up piling up on your desk for lack of a better place to store them. A great way to keep them organised without just throwing them away is to have a box specifically for giveaways to opp shops or friends. That way they are neatly tucked away and when you next go past the thrift store or to your friend’s house you can pull them out and take them with you.

If you follow these simple tips you are on your way to a tidier, more usable and stress-free home office!