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9 Step Build Process

9 Easy steps to building with Weeks.

We are excited to help you create a vibrant home that is unique to you. Weeks Building Group are committed to guiding you through the entire process – from the moment we help you select your home design to the day we hand over keys.

So, to help you understand the process a little better, we have outlined the steps that we’ll need to work through together.

Pre-construction process:
Let us guide you, step by step on your journey to your dream Weeks home.

1. FREE Site Inspection* & Tender request

2. Tender Acceptance

3. Consolidated Tender Appointment & Acceptance

4. MyStyle Appointments – External Colour Selections

5. Building Approvals

6. MyStyle Appointments – Internal Colour Selections

7. Building Agreement & MyStyle Electrical Appointment

8. Authority to commence Construction (ACC)

9. Construction

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