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Termites in the Media

Termite damage is all too common in Australia

Termite damage is all too common in Australia. Many unlucky families have been devastated by the destructive force of these nasty pests. The following articles outline just some of the horrific cases that have occurred in recent years.

Super termites
March of the Super Termite

This alarming Today Tonight special reports the march of the world’s most destructive termite from the tropical north to the country’s southern regions.

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termites devalue propertyTermites: the silent eater that drastically devalues property prices

This Daily Telegraph report outlines how Archicentre (the building design, inspection and ­advice service of the Australian Institute of Architects) has discovered the true effect that termites have on Australian property values.

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termite ceiling collapseElderly woman escapes injury when bedroom ceiling collapses

An elderly Payneham woman is lucky to escape relatively unharmed after she was trapped underneath her collapsed termite infested bedroom ceiling.

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Barossa termite invasionBarossa home destroyed by termites

A Barossa Valley family was forced to live in shipping containers after their home was destroyed by termite damage.


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homeowners warned of termite plagueHomeowners being warned to check for termites

After a recent explosion in the number of these destructive pests, homeowners are warned to check their homes for termites.

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termitesTermite warning for homeowners

Experts warn to be vigilant in checking your home for signs of these destructive pests.

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termitesHidden termite damage nightmare

Missed by the expert building inspectors, this family’s dream is now in ruins after their home was discovered to be termite infested.


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termitesTermite infestation

“Even though this Barossa Valley family had their house treated, termites have made a feast of their home and with no insurance and no builder willing to fix the mess… They’re likely to end-up without a roof over their head.”

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