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Why you should insist on Supaloc

Build it Once. Build it Right.


So why are Supaloc® steel frames the superior choice for new homes? Keith Schleiger explains..

With over 25 years’ experience in the building industry, Keith has grown a reputation as a stickler for perfection, as evident in his involvement with Channel 9’s hit TV series “The Block”.

He explains the system in simple terms…”It a no brainer with Supaloc. Its strong, its durable, its not going to get eaten by termites and its perfectly straight. Once the Supaloc system goes together its not going to move.”

Keith himself is one of the growing number of Australians affected by termites, having to completely demolish a property he purchased for renovation. He is a huge advocate and supporter of the Supaloc System and in his own words is rapt to be involved with the product.

Supaloc steel frames - termite proof

Termite damage to homes is a very real threat in Australia. Don’t be faced with the devastating prospect of rebuilding your new home due to damage that can be prevented. Supaloc® steel frames, manufactured from TrueCore® steel, are 100% termite proof. No ifs, buts or maybes. When it comes to termite resistance in your new home there is no safer option than steel framing. Quite simply, termites can not eat steel frames, so why trust anything else? We can build your very own steel framed home design so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Supaloc steel frames - Precision engineered

It is fair to suggest timber is becoming the old-fashioned way to build new homes. It allows construction errors to be rectified on site with hammer and nail – easy for the home builder but not very reassuring for the homeowner! Unlike other steel and timber framing systems, Supaloc’s® engineering ensures each component of the frame is unique to your new home, manufactured with unparalleled precision and then locked together with patented brackets and connections. There is simply no room for error. By building with this innovative technology you can be sure your new steel framed home is safer, stronger and more secure. Made with TrueCore® steel each Supaloc® frame is also backed by a 50 year BlueScope written warranty*.

Supaloc steel frames - Straight and true

Contemporary home design demands the beauty of clean lines and strong finishes. Supaloc® steel frames are precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate. Unlike timber frames, Supaloc® steel frames will not shrink, twist or warp, providing a solid and true surface for plasterboard. In addition, brackets and connections unique to the Supaloc® system ensure virtually no movement for the life of the home. That’s what makes steel framed home designs so straight and true.

Supaloc steel frames - Economical

Supaloc® steel frames have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments. Timber frames shrink and expand according to environmental conditions, causing cracks in lining surfaces, peaking of ceiling joints and cracked cornices2. In contrast, Supaloc® steel frames are 100% impermeable to termite damage and are riveted and bolted into place, ensuring virtually no movement for the life of the home. This makes steel framed home designs the smart and economical choice.

Supaloc steel frames - safe and secure

Supaloc® steel frames are safer, stronger and more secure than other framing solutions. Supaloc® steel framing possesses a unique strength; it is the only system that attaches each and every component together and bolts them to the slab. The roof is attached to the truss, which is attached to the wall frame, which is attached to the slab. This ensures outstanding wind loading qualities, even in severe storm conditions. We can build you a steel framed home design that is safer and more secure than other new home framing systems.

Visit the Supaloc® steel frames website to find out more, or discover the difference between timber vs steel framing.