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How to choose the perfect rug every time

Posted in Style Tips

One of the best ways to really tie a room together is a rug. Rugs can add colour, texture and balance to the otherwise forgotten floor. Not only can rugs add aesthetic appeal, but they also protect your carpet from wear and tear and are relatively cheap to replace.

Or if you have tiles or floorboards, rugs can be used to soften an area and reduce noisy echoes.

We’ve created a handy guide for choosing the right rug for your room every time.


The size of the rug is the first thing that you want to determine. It is often good to make sure all of your furniture fits entirely on the rug in a particular area, with a bit of space to spare. This is a good method for lounge rooms and dining rooms, where you want to tie the furniture together. In these areas it’s generally best to make your rug larger rather than smaller or it will end up looking tiny and out of place. Alternatively, for a lounge room, you can place all your lounge furniture around a rug and put only the coffee table on the rug. By altering the size of a rug you can use it to define a certain area of an open plan room, to give the room a separated yet connected feeling. Remember that rugs seem a lot bigger when they are hanging up the showroom than when you get them on your floor so make sure you do your measurements and trust them!


Before you jump into buying a rug that you love, you should think about how it will fit into the style of the room. It’s OK to buy a crazy, colourful rug that you just adore –if you intend to build your room around it. But if you already have furniture and accessories in the room then you need to tie in the rug with these. The main colour of the rug is the most important aspect – think about the colouring of your furniture and accessories and choose a colour that won’t clash or detract from existing items. If you already have a patterned lounge it may be best to go with a plain, solid colour rug so your room isn’t too crazy. Alternatively if your room needs a bit of pizzazz, a patterned, colourful rug can do just that.


Texture is the next factor to decide upon. Just like colour, it depends on the texture already present in your room. A sleek, modern couch may call for a fuzzy, high pile rug. Whereas a textured, patterned rug will likely require a more subdued low pile or flatwowen rug.

Good rug companies can provide you with samples of rugs that you can take into your home to test colour and texture match. It is also a great idea to take a photo of your room so you can pair it with the perfect rug at the showroom!


The kind of material your rug should be made from will mainly depend on its intended use. Is it going in a high traffic area? Is it likely to have spills and stains on it on a regular basis? You may want to consider darker colours under dining room tables to hide pesky stains, and choose durable materials in areas of high foot traffic.

Follow these guidelines and you are sure to have a beautiful, useful and well loved rug!